A Simple POPINJAYS Discography (with a few notes)
compiled by Neil Impelluso

THE POPINJAYS were a pop band from approximately 1988 to 1994. The core of the group consisted of Wendy Robinson and Polly Hancock. In my opinion they had a great "pop" sensibility - most of their songs were deliciously infectious and catchy. Their covers weren't bad, either! They usually stayed well below the radar, yet MTV in the US did show their videos -- though I only saw them during "120 Minutes" and "Alternative Nation". They released their first 12" on the very indie Big Cat Records, and then a string of releases on One Little Indian, the label that made Bjork and her Sugarcubes famous.

Below is not every version of every release, but does include all known released songs. If you happen to know what happened to Wendy or Polly after 1994, especially if they are making music, please let me know! For your collecting pleasure, enjoy my guide below!

all times of tracks from vinyl are approximate
All releases are One Little Indian Records unless otherwise noted DON'T GO BACK France 12" (Big Cat UK Records BBA 02) 1988 3:36 Don't Go Back 2:56 So Close 4:26 Move To Perish BANG UP TO DATE WITH THE POPINJAYS UK CD album (TPLP 28CD) 1990 3:01 Please Let Me Go 2:51 Doctor Fell 3:02 Rain 2:49 Hey! (Back To The Beginning) 3:57 Perfect Dream Home 3:32 I Don't Believe In Anything 3:06 Thinking About The Weather 3:48 Mr. Spacecase 3:48 Laughing At It All 4:00 Kissing Cowboys PLEASE LET ME GO UK 12" (40TP12) 1990 3:01 Please Let Me Go 3:32 Helicopter People 3:09 Fine Lines VOTE ELVIS US CD EP (Alpha International D2-73021) 1991 2:39 Vote Elvis 2:54 Doctor Fell 3:09 Thinking About The Weather (UK remix) 2:51 Hey! (Back To The Beginning) 3:09 Fine Lines FLYING DOWN TO MONO VALLEY US CD album (Epic EK 52822) 1992 2:36 Monster Mouth 3:21 Too Jung 2:56 The Moon Looks Nice From Here 2:48 Nothing 3:41 We Love You 2:37 Vote Elvis 3:25 Sun 3:22 It Doesn't Matter 3:12 Snowblind 3:10 It's Getting Better 1:58 See-Saw MONSTER MOUTH US promo CD single (Epic ESK 4672) 1992 2:37 Monster Mouth 4:02 Something About You 4:26 Helicopter People (disco sex mix) TOO JUNG US promo CD single (Epic ESK 4879) 1992 3:21 Too Jung 3:25 Sun 3:02 Shegrewappy I'M A BELIEVER UK 12" (81TP12) 1992 3:20 I'm A Believer 2:56 59th Street Bridge Song 3:10 It's Getting Better 3:04 Rain I'M A BELIEVER Japan CD single (COCY-5189) 1992 3:20 I'm A Believer 2:56 59th Street Bridge Song 4:38 I'm A Believer (extended mix) 3:04 Rain 2:39 Monster Mouth (The CD insert says the last track is a 7" edit, but is no longer than the album version.) TALES FROM THE URBAN PRARIE US CD album (Epic BK 64383) 1994 4:58 Queen Of The Parking Lot 3:06 Feelin' 5:21 When I Believed In You 4:49 Moonheart 3:43 Slowly I Reach 5:02 Hurricane 3:28 Kentish Town 3:28 Buffalo 3:29 Down 3:47 Drive The Train WHEN I BELIEVED IN YOU US promo CD single (Epic BSK 6166) 1994 4:09 When I Believed In You (radio edit) 5:21 When I Believed In You (LP version) BUFFALO US promo CD single (Epic BSK 6442) 1994 3:26 Buffalo (special version) (This doesn't sound any different than the album version in my opinion.)