Here are what some kind folks have said after seeing my Lush Video Compilation 2:

I'll put it thus: You are the king of Lush fandom. I can think of a multitude of ways to describe your work in creating LUSH-2, but I'll leave it at brilliant and tremendous; you must have the work ethic of a man possessed. I wonder if the rest of the Lush heads are really aware of how luck we are. It's just really refreshing to see such a labour of love, if you will, in these days of people doing as little as possible but expecting everything.

I was again impressed by all the work that you put into it. The intro was very nicely done, with some picture I've never seen before. The 500 vid was one of the cutest vids I've seen in a while. I really appreciate the effort that you put into the video. I hope there's a Lush-3 on the drawing board.

now Ive seen your second tape and I just wanted to let you know that youve done a great job again. The slide show and everything else looks quite professional. Apart from that its really nice to see some new footage from Lush.
-DS's a great one !!! Many interviews, where we learn lots of things. Your pictures gallery at the beginning is quite impressive...It was a good idea.
Thanks a lot for the work you've done. Can't wait for the Lush video #3 !!!!