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Trading with Neil is EASY!
Please just read through this once - they have both of our interests in mind.

All of my videos are in NTSC (the TV system in USA, Canada, and Japan). VHS tapes are recorded in SP mode and DVDs are with a high-quality encoder. I have access to professional video equipment, and the quality of my editing and dubs as high as I can get them to be. I personally take great pride in putting together high-quality DVD & VHS compilations -- they are not just thrown together; they are all well-edited with no commercials. While I consider the quality of these collections to be relatively high, I don't consider them to be something that would be fit for sale in a store - that is just one reason that I do not sell them. I do think fans will appreciate the rarity of the material and the professionalism in how I've put them together. I also have custom VHS & DVD labels, and use premium name-brand discs and tape - not dollar store no-name blanks.

What would I like in return? Well, I can't SELL copies of the compilations because I do not own the rights to the material. I absolutely refuse to accept money for copies, and I will not offer them to people who are known to sell bootlegs or who I suspect might duplicate and/or sell copies of the compilations I've put together (if anyone wants a copy of your copy, please feel free to send them my way). What I will do is TRADE.

What is Neil looking for? I am looking for material by my favorite artists that I don't already have. On videotape or DVD, I am looking for TV appearances and live shows. For audio, I am looking for high-quality rare tracks (b-sides, demos, etc.) and live shows. Live shows must be either stereo FM broadcasts or soundboard recordings; hopefully with no incomplete songs. (Don't you hate it when songs get cut off?)

These are most of the artists of which I am looking for more material (no laughing!):

- Lush
- Cocteau Twins
- Bjork/Sugarcubes
- Curve
- Dif Juz
- Future Sound Of London
- Tiesto
- Paul van Dyk
- BT
- Dag Nasty
- Green Day
- Faith No More
- Suzanne Vega
- Shawn Colvin
- Indigo Girls
- John Mayer
- James Taylor
- Sting
- Tears For Fears

(I have video compilations and rare audio tracks of most of these artists. Please inquire if interested.)

If you can't or won't make copies of something I might be interested in, I might still trade with you if you allow me to borrow your original tape(s) so that I may make my own high-quality copy (this is preferred). If you have anything mentioned above, please send me a list of what you have - track listings or setlists would be appreciated.

If you don't have any material I'm interested in to trade, no problem! For each DVD or videotape (up to 2 hours) you'd like, I'll trade you for a CD (new, or used in perfectly-playable condition) that I'm looking for - see my wantlist page. I know CDs cost a lot, but I think it's well worth the time and effort I put into acquiring, compiling and editing the material for these compilations. That and the fact that the music stores in my area really stink! I have put a lot of work into these compilations - why not do a little work and track down for me a CD that I really want? :) Also keep in mind that a lot of the foreign video material I received had to be converted to NTSC - and conversions generally aren't cheap. Trading material or a CD is only a suggestion! If you'd like to offer something else, try me! Most people elect to get a CD for each videotape or DVD, which is absolutely fine with me.

I do not trade for blank media (CDs, VHS tapes, DVDs) - the way I see it is, I'm sending you something to watch and enjoy, and I'd like to have something to enjoy too.

I also do not trade files (like DivX) over the internet, unless you can provide me with something I'm specifically looking for. Compressed files over the internet tend to be not good enough for viewing on a television, anyhow. I strongly prefer to do trades via the mail. I am sorry if you live in a country with an undependable mail service.

I also happily accept gift vouchers from Amazon UK,, and Beatport.


If you don't live in North America or Japan, your TV system is probably not compatible with the video format (NTSC) that these videos are recorded in. If you still want to do a trade, once you receive your video, you will probably have to have it converted to your TV system (PAL or SECAM) in order to view it correctly. Here in the United States, conversions cost anywhere from $15 to $300, depending on the tape length, quality, and conversion process (analog or digital). I suggest getting the best one you can afford if you need one. Some non-US VCRs can play NTSC on a PAL TV - check your owner's manual. Many, but not all, European DVD players can play NTSC DVDs on a PAL TV.


If you have video or rare audio to trade, please send me a message stating exactly what you have and we'll possibly arrange for a trade (please mention track lists or setlists and comment on quality if possible). If you want to get a CD for me instead, check out my CD wantlist at: and follow the easy instructions at the beginning of the page. It shouldn't be too hard to find SOMETHING on the list. Or, get me a voucher (sites listed above). References and reviews of the compilations are available.


Please note, I do not check my e-mail every single day, nor do I go to the post office every single day. Please be patient. I usually reply within a few days. If you don't hear from me, e-mail me again. I usually mail out packages within a week of me receiving whatever you're sending me.

Thank you and I look forward to trading with you!

NOTE: I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged in the mail.

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