Hi and thanks for your interest in doing a trade with me. I know this is a lot of reading, but it's important - please read this carefully...

If you haven't yet read my trading policy, I suggest you do so before proceeding.

Below is my current want list. The availability varies from title to title - anywhere from "currently in print and found at almost any store" to "out-of-print & darn near impossible to find". If I know any specific information about an item (like how many tracks are on it, what record label it's on, catalog number, etc.) I have indicated so in parentheses. Many items (especially the singles) on this list are out-of-print, so don't go nuts looking for one particular item -- but remember, singles may be cheap since they only have a few tracks (especially on eBay). Got a favorite local record shop? I suggest you check the 'imports', 'CD singles', 'various artists / compilations', and 'used' CD sections. If you need to know what the easy ones are to find, look for the Amazon logo or just ask me - I can help you out. Generally, I do not accept CD-R/CD-RW copies -- but if a title is rare and long out of print, a CD-R copy of it may very well keep me happy until I find an original -- so please let me know if you own any titles on my wantlist.

As soon as you get something on this list, let me know what it is as soon as possible, as I likely have other traders looking for the same titles. Save your receipts just in case! You must WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE MY APPROVAL BEFORE YOU SEND ME ANYTHING. Once you have my approval, I will e-mail you my mailing address. At that time, please type out your full mailing address for me so that I may get your package ready. To save time, feel free to have it/them sent directly to me - but obviously it's your call.

If you send me an item that is not on my wantlist, or you send me an item that I have not given you the OK for, you may either 1) send me a postage-paid mailer and I will mail it back to you, or 2) once you send me an approved wantlist item I will send the unapproved one back to you with your video(s). Promotional copies will be accepted only if 1) I am looking specifically for a promotional title (marked with PROMO on my wantlist), or 2) it has the same tracks, artwork, and booklet as the standard commercial release. Used copies are OK as long as they're not missing anything.

If you tell me you're sending me a particular item, and then a reasonable amount of time passes (I'd say a month) and I still have not received the item, I will assume you have lost interest in trading with me and are not sending it at all, and it will go back on my wantlist. Please stay in touch!

Due to some unfavorable past trading experiences, I ask that you send me my package before I send out your video(s), unless I have traded a few times with you before. I'm a very trustworthy soul, and I can provide references from past traders if needed.

Keep in mind, I don't go to the post office every day. After I receive your package, it may take up to a week for me to get to the post office to send your package out. If you want your package from me mailed out to you the next day, include $4 worth of stamps in the package you send me -- that way I can just drop it in the mail.

PLEASE CHECK THIS LIST OFTEN! It usually changes once a week.

And finally - try not to laugh while looking over my list! I grew up during the '80s and my musical tastes are VERY varied :) Thanks, and happy hunting!


"IMPORT" = any non-US issue (UK/GER/AUST/etc.)
!! = really want and should be easy to get
HINT: Items with a logo next to them were spotted the last time I visited Amazon.com...

-- CD SINGLES / EPs -- B12 3EP Chicane Sunstroke (GERMANY, 6 tracks) Disco Citizens Nagasaki Badger (UK or GERMANY, 4 tracks) Disco Citizens Nagasaki Badger (AUSTRALIA, 5 tracks) DJ Dado Coming Back (GERMANY, 4 tracks) Green Day Nice Guys Finish Last (IMPORT w/3 live tracks) Speedy J Beam Me Up / Pepper (on Warp) Swing Out Sister Now You're Not Here (JAPAN, 4 tracks) Technotronic Get Up '97 (IMPORT, on House Nation) Technotronic Megamix (UK, 4 tracks from 1990, CDSYR17) Vega, Suzanne Birthday (IMPORT) Xymox, Clan Of This World (4 tracks)

-- FULL-LENGTH CDs -- Biomehanika, Yoji Tales From The Big Room Biomehanika, Yoji Future Of Hard Dance 002 Blank and Jones The Mix (IMPORT 2CD set) Corsten, Ferry Live At Spundae (with DVD) Humanoid Global (UK) Lukather, Steve Candyman Nintendo Teenage Robots We Punk Einheit (IMPORT) Plaid Spokes (10 tracks) Secret Shine After Years Sex Pistols England's Dreaming (GERMANY) Sigue Sigue Sputnik Piratespace (IMPORT) Amazon.com logo Sigue Sigue Sputnik Orange Devil (IMPORT bootleg) Swing Out Sister Another Nonstop Sister (JAPAN, 9 tracks) Swing Out Sister Live At The Jazz Cafe (JAPAN, 10 tracks) Toto Livefields (IMPORT with Bonus CD / 3 audio tracks on CD2) Treble Charger Wide Awake Bored Amazon.com logo various artists 80s Dance: Gold (2CD) Amazon.com logo various artists Arthur (soundtrack, JAPAN) various artists Dream Injection 4 (2CD) various artists Electronic Rock Classics 1978-1983 various artists / Hybrid Hybrid Presents Y4K (UK, 14 tracks) various artists Methods Of Dance (UK, 16 tracks) various artists Plus 8 Classics: 1990-1997 (2CD) various artists Dream Injection [any] various artists Techno Injection 2 (on Rising High; with Black Dog tracks) various artists Tranceformed From Beyond (2CD version) various artists Vandit Sessions 2 Amazon.com logo various artists Vandit Sessions 4 Amazon.com logo Wax Common Knowledge (UK) Xymox, Clan Of Hidden Faces Xymox, Clan Of Live

-- DVDs -- Dead Kennedys "Early Years Live" Bjork "Inside Bjork" Billy Joel "Live At Yankee Stadium"

-- LASER DISCS -- Missing Persons Surrender Your Heart (8") Swing Out Sister It's Better To Watch

-- 12" SINGLES -- Devo Whip It (UK promo, 3 mixes) Freaky Chakra Downspace

I also happily accept gift vouchers/certificates from the following online shops and legal MP3 download sites:
  • Amazon UK
  • Beatport
  • There are lots of good shops on the World Wide Web! You may have luck finding some of these items at some of my favorite on-line stores:

    GEMM - http://gemm.comHalf - http://www.half.comeBay - http://www.ebay.comMusicStack - http://www.musicstack.comMatt's CD Singles (excellent!) - http://www.mattscdsingles.comEsprit Mailorder - http://eil.comAmazon.com - http://www.amazon.comSiren Disc Mailorder - http://www.sirendisc.comCD Europe - http://www.cdeurope.comOpal Music - http://www.opalmusic.comEAR/Rational Music - http://www.xmission.com:80/~ear/Vinyl Vendors - http://www.vinylvendors.com

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